By Allan Edward Tierney. Russian Platform, October 18, 2020

The USA has abandoned cooperation except as a weapon in bringing allies together against what it sees as its enemies. Enemies are to be eternally confronted, never cooperated with.

But where there is only confrontation without ultimate victory there can only be chaos.

The USA wants total and absolute victory. Since 9/11 its goal is nothing less than global hegemony, full spectrum dominance. It will never achieve this. The rise and rise of China makes this abundantly clear. Yet the USA shows every sign of being on automatic pilot where this is concerned. The protocols of 9/11 cannot be altered or reconciled with this reality. They can ONLY be obeyed. Therefore humanity, at this time of greatest threat, from pandemic and climate change enters this most threatening of eras as a continuum of chaos.

Diplomacy died on September 11 2001. On the next day U.S. foreign policy had one single goal which diplomacy was never going to be part of except as a subterfuge for betrayal, to gain global control of all levers of power which could in any way be used to threaten the United States.

If you have followed the behavior of successive U.S. representatives at the United Nations over the last decade you will have observed for yourself how the rhetoric has been confrontational and not in the slightest interested in agreement or cooperation. Only accusations have been heard and communications which imply ultimate evil on the other side.

This all stems from immutable protocols undoubtedly set in stone after the events of 9/11 2001. At that point it was clearly decided that nothing was to be allowed to stand in the way of U.S. security. And I do mean absolutely nothing. America’s demands MUST be met without compromise. All nations must comply with the U.S. requirement to have complete oversight and continual control over all potentially weaponizable factors that could even remotely endanger the United States. You may feel this is an outrageous request, however those making these demands were deadly serious and still are.

Nations not in compliance were to have their leadership taken out.

You will recall the memo mentioned by General Wesley Clark in his famous address about all the seven nations listed for regime change which he heard about in the weeks directly following 9/11. The list in question was certainly not meant to be the final one, simply the initial one. And the protocols of which this was certainly merely one aspect would have been much more comprehensive in delineating all the goals that were thought required and deemed absolutely necessary to achieve permanent future security for the USA. The words ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ give the best and certainly the shortest insight into the full extent of plans drawn up after 9/11.

There was to be no cooperation. Submit to our needs or face the consequences has been the continual demand. We have seen the results of non-compliance in the years between 9/11 and now and the chaos that ensued. The demand and the non-compliance continue.

China is not going to comply with the U.S. demand that it submit to being a U.S. proxy like the United Kingdom or subject nation such as Germany, France, Italy and others, it will not hand the keys to its major power bases, industries, finances and its mode of governance. Neither will Russia nor Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba or others who are not aligned with the USA. A USA seeking to be global supervisor in a unipolar world.

It is understandable that U.S. elites formulated this plan. In many ways it is a no-brainer. How could they feel they were doing their duty if they left the U.S. population to any degree unsafe after such catastrophic events as those which took place on 9/11. The logic is clear. It is understandable. It is not based on pure evil, the intent is to safeguard… but only one population, irrespective of the effect on all others. As the richest, most powerful and most ally-protected nation by far the means to do it in terms of the global political and military reach these aspects afford made it even seem possible. But it is not.

The non-aligned nations are not going to comply with the request demanded of them. Not one of them. Therefore they will remain U.S. targets in perpetuity. The impossibility of the goal will not be acknowledged, only more and stronger sanctions, destabilizations and subversion of the leadership and sovereignty of these nations will be attempted with no limit set to them, including what would have been inconceivable before 9/11, the tactical use of nuclear weapons.

I am 70 now so I do not believe I will see the worst of what is clearly to come if these elite U.S. protocols are not disarmed by the rise of China and her allies and the quarantining of U.S. power.

Yet it is this rise of China which so disquiets U.S. elites the most and which, if it reaches certain tipping points, may well speed the moment of ultimate horror, the unleashing, in desperation at a perceived moment of imminent defeat, an utterly devastating series of nuclear strikes.

Until that moment is reached however I predict that the USA will continue its wrecking-ball policy of destabilization of non-aligned nations by all means necessary, through overt and covert undermining of targets by subversion, use of the disaffected in those nations, compliant activist forces, dissidents and the politically ambitious. The purpose will be to sow chaos and it will achieve this by means already seen all too often across states the USA wishes to tear apart and rebuild in compliance with its 9/11 protocol demands.

It is a horrific prospect we have before us. Yes, the world would have its disagreements and conflicts even without this imperative emanating from the USA to bring compliance with its needs… but it would as nothing compared with the wrecking of all stability which the 9/11 protocols demand in lieu of total compliance with every line written within them.

Until China and her allies can successfully surmount the machinations from the U.S. state detailed above we will all be in a permanent state of war and the threat of war. There can be no doubt of that, no matter who occupies the White House. And of course Joe Biden has already signified he is in full compliance with the protocols I speak of above.

So, buckle up people, it’s going to be a VERY bumpy ride. Especially as this pandemic will be followed by others, possibly far more deadly… and then have climate change catastrophes added on top of all the humanity’s misery.

Unless we agree to differ and also make agreements that provide assurances of mutual security in an ethos of cooperation and mutual survival we will enter an age where confrontation leads always to conflict which in turn creates interminable chaos. And either the end or the sorry disintegration of a species that survived tens of thousands of years of threat through the one thing abandoned at the last moment… cooperation.

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