We are a multi-generational, cross-continental group of global citizens concerned about the state of our world. We come from different countries and different backgrounds and we want to work to create a better world, not only for ourselves and the animals that share the planet with us but for our children and future generations. “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” (Annonymous).

We want to help create a just world where all beings live in peace and are able to thrive. We believe that in order to do that, we need to understand what is putting us and the planet in danger.

We see the need to change the global economic and social system, since the predominant system it’s a capitalist system which relies on competition and profit at all costs. It will always put profit above life.

Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures and we know that we will not agree on all issues, we are convinced that it is imperative that people join together to fight against the overriding forces that are endangering us and stopping us from creating a better future for all life on the planet.

We believe that the mainstream media across the globe has become corrupted by the same entities that are destroying our lives and the planet in complicity with the oppressing Power. With that in mind, we want to present different information than is (and is not) being told by the mainstream media. We hope our readers will view the material with an open mind and the willingness to participate and spread the word locally.

We would like to encourage discussion and debate about the various topics presented. We believe that beyond the electronic world, it is important to engage in live conversations with each other –to share ideas and to find commonality instead of focusing on differences.